whole person treatments.


Cranial sacral therapy is a gentle touch therapy working with the clients nervous system  ,CST allows treatment in many areas physical, mental, emotional, its a type of therapy that relives compression in the bones of the head ,sacrum & spinal column allowing the flow of cerebral spinal fluid into the central nervous system  .ideal for treatment of  birth trauma to babies and mothers ,physical injuries from whiplash ,frozen shoulder aching joints ,back pain ,head aches migraines ,planter fasciitis  , anxiety, depression, long covid, lack of confidence, childhood trauma ,abuse, panic attacks and many more challenges life gives us .the client remains full clothed but will remove shoes .

babies /children £50    Adults £65  (1hr  )     £90   (90 min )

back ,neck shoulder massage & cranial   £65 (1hr  )  £90 (90 min)

Reflexology and cranial      £90  (90min)

Cranial & EFT OR TFT       £90


EFT & TFT   emotional freedom therapy & thought field therapy (Tapping) is an alternative treatment for physical pain and emotional distress, ,PTSD, phobias like spiders ,flying ect.  focusing on the meridian points the energy channels to help restore homeostasis to the body system ,working together with EFT exercises and breath over a period of time to achieve your goal and work to help you live a calm balanced life .

TFT  tapping therapy is highly effective non -invasive ,healthy self help alternative to long term or drug related psychotherapy, TFT uses tapping sequences in the form of a healing code balancing the body’s energy system and allowing you to eliminate most negative emotions within minutes while promoting the body’s own healing ability. used to treat Trauma relief, fears, anxiety and stress, addiction food, excessive purchasing ,lack confidence and many more of life’s challenges .

£55 per session      course of 6   £300

cranial sacral therapy and  EFT/TFT     £90     (90 min)


This therapy works on pressure points of the soles of the feet with a combination of massage & pressure. This treatment stimulates different regions of the body, this helps promote self healing and aims to optimise health ,by inducing this relaxation response ,respiration and blood supply to the vital organs are improved and any energy pathways that were blocked will clear restoring balance to the system ..working on the energy lines to encourage the body’s natural healing system achieving a relaxed state of mind & body.
40 min £35  60 min £45